Men’s Style: Stripes

You got your beginner suits and your basic colors sorted out. Whats the next step? Stripes.

Stripes not only make you standout among your poorly dressed peers, it establishes a sense of dominance. The dominance over solid colors that is. Stripes give its wearer a sort of swagger (not to be confused with the rudimentary term used to describe #YoloFags), It also elongates and slims the wearer. 

For starters you should pair your stripes with solid, you don’t want to overwhelm a passerby with an optical illusion. As soon you get your basics down with stripes you can experiment with other patterns and textures.

As soon as you incorporate it into your wardrobe you will begin to develop a sort of superiority complex which comes as a side effect with generally looking your best. 

-The Tribune

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